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Vintage Gallery #3 The 18th Century Theatrical Poster

For your education and entertainment, one Georgian Theatrical Poster...
On FRIDAY Evening Auguft 3, 1787, will be prefented A COMEDY

Can anyone else hear the Blackadder the Third Music?

Notes: This poster is part of the collection at Leeds City Museum, England.

Vintage Gallery #2 The 1940s Powder Compact

Don't you just love glamour gadgets? In tip-top condition this 1940s powder compact includes a smaller magnified mirror that pops-up alongside its big sister in the most delightful way.

As with all Gallery posts, if you know anything more, or have something similar in your family, do let me know!

Vintage Gallery #1 The 1940s Picnic Hamper

A new weekly spot for pure vintage eye candy, because I don't have the details to write a full post!

Perfect for making a fresh brew when you take the jalopy out for a spin, if you know anything more about this 1940s picnic hamper, please let me know with a comment.