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The Dent Du Midi Sketched in 1895... lost... then found

This charcoal sketch was found in the wash house of my childhood home, wedged between sheets of wood and glass. It had clearly been discarded and forgotten decades ago, and we have no idea how it did not suffer from damp or mould out there.

The wash house did not survive. When my dad pulled the ivy from the walls, the walls came down with it. But the picture did. Framed and cherished, it now hangs in my parents' new home.

My childhood home was a Georgian farmhouse that had put on airs and graces as posher residences sprung-up around it. Located in Abbey Road, Grimsby, it was quite the time capsule, with owner after owner barely maintaining it. This picture was our greatest find.

The location of the sketch is given as The Dent Du Midi, from St Maurice. The artists is Mabel Chard and she has dated the picture 1895.

St Maurice is a little town in Switzerland, squeezed into a narrow pass in the Rhone valley, south of Lake Geneva. Somewhere I'd like to go.

I wonder what the st…