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Vintage gallery #13 #ChapOlympiad 2013 by @LondonBird

My sister's Louise has been to The Chap Olympiad, a vintage lover's paradise if ever there was one. Here are her rather spiffing Instagram photos from the day. And you can follow her on Instagram under the name @LondonBird.

What's the Chap Olympiad? Here's how the organiser's The Chap Magazine describe some of the events:

Parallel Bars: contestants standing between two parallel cocktail bars will need to mix two drinks simultaneously, while performing an impressive bar routine with perfect dismount.
Breadbasket Ball contestants will be invited to dine at table in the middle of the track. A team of servants at each end of the table will play basketball with the bread and the breadbasket. The dinner guests must interrupt play if they are to be served any victuals.
Bounder Hunt Female contestants will be invited to hunt the bounder throughout the gardens using a large butterfly net. First one to catch the cad gets to slap him with her handbag.
Well Dressage Riding on a h…