The 1980s Black and Red Earrings

Purchased from a stall in Covent Garden in 1985, these hand-made earrings distill the look of a decade into sharp, Perspex triangles.

Drizzled with enamel paint on both sides – but not the edges - there’s a slight parallax at work in those glossy squiggles that draws you in. Very close.

Add a white leather jacket for that holy trinity of 80s tones: black, red and white.

DI Alex Drake, eat your heart out.

Invitation to comment: Are 80s items not old enough to be Vintage yet? Are you enjoying the 80s revival or wincing at the memories and the reminder that it all happened THIRTY YEARS ago?

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  1. You would have been about five years old in 1985, yes?

  2. Before I got to the end of your post I was thinking Bolly would wear those. Am going to miss her and Gene sooo much on a Friday night!

  3. Angela:

    I adore this blog and with its focus on vintage treasures, beautiful photos and evocative, descriptive copy.

    This supports my secret dream: to chuck marketing and start an Etsy shop selling yesteryear objects--each with its own story.

    Looking forward to your posts.

  4. Thanks all for the lovely comments and virtual 'high five' on the whole concept. It seemed such a good idea in my head, and so it's really reassuring to see it works in other heads, too.

    I'm keen as mustard to write about this stuff, which I have genuine passion for, and to find like-minded readers is what it's all about.


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