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The 1950s Christmas Baubles

These are original 1950s Christmas tree baubles, painted and by hand, over razor thin glass, with lashings of glitter.

It’s a miracle they’ve made it to Christmas 2010.

When I saw them a few years ago at an antique market I snapped them up for myself and my mother, because my Grandmother’s tree was full of these things, but the originals have been lost.

 As a child, I vividly remember poking my finger into each gleaming indent as Perry Como sang There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays. Magically, another finger poked back.

I bought three boxes of vintage baubles from that antique market. On the top of each box someone had kindly written “best”, “2nd best” and “3rd best”

Of course, mum got the best.

Aren’t they fab-u-lous?

Invitation to Comment

Tell me about your special ornaments, the oldest ones on the tree, or the hand made ones you cherish.

What’s your earliest Christmas memory?

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The Georgian 18th Century Shoes

Three hundred years is a long time, especially for a delicate creature like this.
But take my hand and we’ll find the ghost within: a pair of glorious Georgian shoes that must have thrilled and delighted on their first night out. 

It's 1720. The House of Hanover has only just taken to the English throne. Ballrooms are full of blazing candellabras, and shoes like these, designed to blaze with them.

Even inch you can see was once opulent. That cloth was silver, that lace was silver and brightest of all that silver buckle. With polished textured surface and cut out diamonds it could turn soft candlelight into glittering brilliance.

Curved and high, the heels indicate her elevated position in society, a position she has 70 years to enjoy before the The French Revolution will make such a high and mighty shoe dangerously out of style.

Pointed toes, not square, reveal the owner could sense a trend. Square toes would soon be strictly for the men.

In her a silk manua gown, what did she…