The 1960s Vintage Turquoise Earrings

What I love most about these 1960s clip-ons is that  iconic 'S' shape, wrapping your lobe in baroque twirls that reach over and up in a sexy, languid curve. Such a perfect match of metal and flesh gives a feeling of putting on armour. I like that.

And then there's those turquoise cabochons, the essential stone if you're wearing 1960s blue eye shadow. Artfully set among silver beads and rope work, it's only when you get about six inches away that you notice things are a little too crude for that turquoise to be real.

But hey... faux schmaux. If you let someone get as close as six inches, I doubt they'll be staring at your earrings.

Invitation to Comment

Have you a piece of jewellery so bold it dictates your entire outfit? What did you last wear with it?

What's the most daring eye shadow you've worn, and was it a night to remember?

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  1. Ha ha perhaps we'll have to time-share them so that we can have a matching set!

  2. Well Betty, now we can see you on Twitter I must admit my earrings would look great with your pixie hair cut x


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