Vintage Gallery #4 Kenneth Sanderson's 18th Century Dress

Resplendent in its glass cabinet at the Leeds City Museum, this 18th century gown is in wonderful condition. Just look at that white lace.  

Alas, the information panel in the cabinet wanted to tell me about Kenneth Sanderson, not the dress. 

You may be thinking of Mr Sanderson as a very dandy dandy who actually fitted into this frock 300 years ago, but that's not so. He was actually a 20th century collector who owned this dress and many other garments from the era. I have nothing else to report other than, swoon...


  1. That is beautiful! I wants it.....! I went to a charity shop in Attleborough recently and found the most beautiful flapper dress - took photos to send to you, but I can't find your email on the website, just a contacts form - am I being my usual thick self?
    Obviously I had to spend loads of money in said shop!

  2. Thank you Debbie, how kind of you to take pics for me to see! I don't publish an email online as chances are it will end up swamped by spam, but I'll DM you on Twitter x

  3. Gorgeous! As you say, that lace is in amazing condition

  4. This is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Thanks Betty and Carla, I should have been an actress so I could wear this stuff.


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