Vintage Gallery #8 The Victorian Carpet Sweeper Advertisement

Never Sweep Carpets with a Broom.

Its strong bristles wear off the nap and throw up dust.

How different with the 'EWBANK' Carpet Sweeper (British Manufacture).

Like gentle rain, it penetrates without damage - the broom, like the raging flood, ravages the surface only. The "Ewbank" is quiet - easily worked to and fro - collects all dust - carpets always look fresh.


Hand made Brush - lasts 10 years. Few working parts are outside case.

SWEEPERS from 11/6 to 15/6

Refuse any sweeper offered in pace of the "Ewbank"

From all dealers, or write

who will send nearest dealer's name.

Note the "Ewbank."


  1. Love.

    "Like gentle rain, it penetrates without damage..."

    Clearly this 19th century copywriter gave the EWBANK some deep, benefit-focused thought.

    BTW, carpet cleaners really are a great, green way to "collect all the dust" and dirt while freshening the carpet's nape. I remember my mother using one of these electricity-free contraptions.

  2. Lorraine, that line had me chuckling, so very evocative. And I also like the simplicity of the:

    Note the "Ewbank"

    I'm bringing that one back on my next emailer!



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