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The Vintage Letter and Rabbit

Breaking with the usual blog format, a personal piece that's still very vintage.

When did you last receive a hand written letter?

With the internet, I can access millions of words in seconds, without paying a penny for the effort taken to create them. I can comment on a blog by a celebrity journalist, and my words are on-screen with theirs. I can update my Facebook or Twitter and around 1000 people across the planet know my daughter has lost a tooth before the blood has dried. I am famous for 15 minutes. But has this flood of words diluted their value? When I go clack-clack-clack and slap ‘send’, have I created anything my great-grandchildren could find? And if they found it, would it give them a piece of me or a piece of fluff?

I have finally investigated a family story.

As a child my mother was often told, ‘if it was not for the snow you would be Welsh!’

In Britain, the winter of 1946-47 was legendary. It lasted from December through to March, with temperatures dropping to –21 deg…