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Writing’s not that special. In the UK four out of five people can put together a sentence that works; that says something. Copywriting, the rare and stunning variety that I strive for and adore, is so much more than saying something.

Allow me to arch my fingers and stare at you over my spectacles.

We copywriters love to talk about tone of voice. The specific vocabulary and phrasing that connects with your audience. A voice your audience understands, warms to and trusts. A voice that, most crucially, makes them act: to change their opinion, remember your message or turn to you, not your competitors. That's the sweet spot.

I've been writing commercially for just over 15 years now. I have written about everything. Toilet rolls, seersucker shirts, refuse collection vehicles, preschool nurseries, kerb guided busways, habotai silk, mineral licks (hands-up who knows what they are?).

I’ve named new fashion collections, coined taglines, stuffed catalogues full of glory, shattered damaging myths with half page ads, overseen European product launches, written a whole leaflet around a very good fart joke…

From one killer word to several thousand, I’ve done it all many times.

This blog is designed to entertain and delight. That's my USP here. 

So, here we are. And here’s the pledge.

As a commercial writer I use charm and details to sell my clients’ products. I want my readers to click ‘buy’.

In Vintage Copywriting I will use those same skills to record and share old things. To delight, entertain, inform and maybe even inspire. I want you to click ‘follow’. Or ‘comment’. Or ‘re-tweet’.

There will be a word count. Mail order patches – the words that describe an item in a catalogue or on a web page – generally have to do that job in 35 words. For this blog, I’m stretching out luxuriously to 200 words. No more, often fewer. Enough for a tea break.

There will be photographs.

Some things I will own, others I will covet.

But most of all there will be pleasure. For me and, I hope, for you.

Thank you so much for reading this far, I hope you’ll return to see the pretties I have gathered for your inspection.

If you like how I write, and you've need of a copywriter, the message is simple: here I am.

Here's the link to my commercial copywriting website. I work at Push Creativity.

If you have a question about any post, please comment on that post. I will to reply there too, unless you're being spammy, in which case a curse will be issued.

For other enquiries, here's the email:

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