Welcome to Vintage Copywriting

Vintage Copywriting is taking my day-job as a copywriter and grafting-on my two obsessions: beautiful old things and photography. 

I should first explain that most of my copywriting work is for mail order companies. I describe beautiful new things for catalogues and e-commerce sites. In Vintage Copywriting I'll be describing the same kind of beautiful things, but they'll be old. And I'll not be persuading you to buy. I'll just want you to share my enjoyment.   

What kind of old things? Follow this link to my Picasa album to be smacked between the eyes with what it's really all about. If you like the look of these, then you could be my Ideal Reader.

It all started with Twitter

I started tweeting about a year ago with great reluctance, but soon found it intoxicating. I love sitting on my bottom in England and holding a conversation with someone in Canada about Alphonse Mucha.

I was commissioned to write an article on my Twitter-Love at The Copywriting Blogspot, and poured my heart into it. That debut post was very popular with the Twitterati, and there were requests for me to start a blog of my own. So I did: Incense and Peppermints.

And it was fun. Oh yes. Writing about whatever took my fancy. Scooping-up the flattering comments like so many red roses. Twiddling with my gadgets.

Then I noticed that my blog was getting more hits than my commercial website. Blogging was all fine and dandy, but it was time to blog in a way that said, subtly and with grace, that here was a copywriter available for work.

So a “copywriting blog” it had to be. But there are hundreds out there already. Most discuss copywriting. How to do it; how to do it better; who’s doing it badly. I did not want to add my voice to a bloody huge choir.

I wanted a blog that would reveal my approach to mail order copywriting and catch the fancy of people outside the industry. People that love fashion and design;  that have inquisitive minds; that might just be looking to hire a copywriter who knows her merino wool from her Murano glass.

So, here we are. And here’s the pledge.

As a commercial writer I use charm and details to sell my clients’ products. I want my readers to click ‘buy’.

In Vintage Copywriting I will use those same skills to record and share old things. To delight, entertain, inform and maybe even inspire. I want you to click ‘follow’. Or ‘comment’. Or ‘re-tweet’.

There will be a word count. Mail order patches – the words that describe an item in a catalogue or on a web page – generally have to do that job in 35 words. For this blog, I’m stretching out luxuriously to 200 words. No more, often fewer. Enough for a tea break.

There will be photographs.

Some things I will own, others I will covet.

But most of all there will be pleasure. For me and, I hope, for you.

Thank you so much for reading this far, I hope you’ll return to see the pretties I have gathered for your inspection.

And my first post is ready. Please click the link to read all about: The 1980s Black and Red Earrings


p.s. The photograph is me.

p.p.s. My other blog, Incense and Peppermints, will continue.



  1. I would have killed for these in 1985 - I love them still ! x

  2. Thanks Serenaf66, I dumped them in the attic for most of the 90s, almost threw them out! Love them now.

  3. Delightful and easy, it's personal reporting at its very best.

  4. This is personal reporting at its very best -- easy, interesting and often asmusing.

  5. What a wonderful idea! I know you'll do it beautifully and I can't wait for future posts.


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